An unrivalled location with offerings year round

Where sprawling greenery surrounds impeccable dining precincts, esteemed schools and recreational hubs, Balwyn North combines the tranquility of a suburban locale with the variety of an urban enclave. French for season, the name ‘Saison’ encapsulates the rewarding lifestyle this suburb offers right throughout the year. Enjoy an endless array of local delights, regardless of season. Welcome to your neighbourhood.

Summer days

During the warmer months of the year, relish the outdoors in one of many nearby pockets of greenery. Pack up a picnic, throw on a hat and spread out under a shady tree in either Stradbroke Park, Macleay Park or Hays Paddock.

Autumn Strolls

Filled with elegant streets lined by decidious trees and leafy parks, Balwyn North is one the best suburbs in Melbourne for experiencing the beauty of Autumn.

winter mornings

There is something wondrous about breathing in the crisp air of a winter’s morning. Sieze the day with an early morning coffee or brisk jog through the park, basking in the beautiful light afforded by this time of year.

Spring Brunching

When the foliage starts to bloom, the birds begin to chirp and the sun comes out of hiding, what better way to start your day than with a spot of alfresco brunch? Choose from a myriad of nearby cafes serving up seasonal produce and speciality coffee upon sunny outdoor terraces.


A culinary destination

Close to wholesome bakeries, hip cafes, sophisticated restaurants and suave wine bars, residents of Saison will want for nothing when it comes to the world of food. A 15 minute walk away in Kew East, Harp Village is home to a generous selection of eateries including local favourite, Kuche Cafe. At this homey nook you can expect artisan coffee, nourishing brunch dishes and decadent pastries like their vanilla custard cruffin. Further down High Street, Kew Junction is another culinary goldmine comprising well-known institutions like Dawson, Centonove and CRU.

Balwyn-side, Whitehorse Road is just a 5 minute bus ride away where bustling coffee shops and authentic Italian restaurants lead the vanguard. For something a little more laidback, a small cluster of cafes is also tucked away on Doncaster Road. Olive Lane is the must-try here – a patisserie and a cafe with a delicious Greek-inspired menu.

Olive Lane
Signorelli's Balwyn North
Toscano’s of Kew

Fine food & fresh produce

If you decide to stay in and experiment with your own recipes, a plentiful array of grocery stores ensures you have access to every ingredient imaginable. Stroll 5 minutes down the road to Boccaccio, which owned by the D’Anna family, has been in business in Balwyn North for upward of fifty years. Combining an everyday supermarket with a gourmet deli and wine cellar, the store boasts an impressive variety of over 3000 wines, an in-house cheesemonger, a selection of baked goods, fresh produce, Mediterranean groceries and more.

For a more condensed selection, Signorelli’s Balwyn North is a family-run fruit shop located on Doncaster Road. Peruse a quality selection of farm fresh produce from crisp apples and juicy strawberries to plump tomatoes and leafy greens. Melbourne’s most iconic fruiterer, Toscano’s, is also a short drive away in the Kew Junction, a one stop shop for any gourmet dinner recipe.

Signorelli's Balwyn North
Balwyn Cinema
Balwyn Cinema

A leisurely lifestyle

Dotted with recreational amenities, Balwyn is a suburb for leisurely living. Whether you’ve got a passion for film, an interest in fitness or a love for competitive sports, there’s something for everything in this well-established pocket of Melbourne. Balwyn’s iconic Art Deco cinema is just a short tram ride away on Whitehorse Road – the perfect place to enjoy a French film over a glass of fizz and a gourmet cheese platter.

If you’re someone who likes to keep active, Kew Recreation Centre is just a stone’s throw away, offering everything from a gym and group fitness classes to swimming lessons and physiotherapy. Choose from a range of flexible memberships to find one suited to your lifestyle and fitness needs. Ensuring you don’t need a car to get you from A to B as you explore your locale, the No.48 tram stop is just a 3 minute walk from Saison, carrying passengers down High Street and into the Kew Junction before travelling through Richmond and into East Melbourne.

No. 48 Tram
Hays Paddock
Victoria Park
Kew High School
Balwyn High School

Esteemed education

Making this pocket one of Melbourne’s most family-friendly places to live, Balwyn and Kew are renowned for their extensive collection of esteemed schools. Found directly across the road from Saison, Kew High School is a leader in the public sector, offering enviable facilities, a comprehensive curriculum and a highly-regarded information technologies program. Just a 4 minute drive from Saison, Balwyn High is ranked as one of the top 10 public schools in the state. Achieving consistently excellent results, the school nurtures intellectual and personal development in its students, pairing this approach with a sound co-curricular program to adhere to the full scope of learning.

In the private sector, Fintona Girls’ School is a 6 minute drive away and caters to girls aged prep to year 12. Offering a rich and rigorous class room environment with a focus on wellbeing as well as academia, the school is regarded as one of Melbourne’s top girls schools. In 2021, Fintona will unveil the new Beyond Science Centre, a hub optimising the relationship between science, mathematics, technology and design to enrich learning opportunities. For those starting out on their schooling journey, St. Anne's Primary School is an excellent option. Just a 4 minute drive from Saison, the schools offers supportive, nurturing environment that thoroughly prepares students for high school.

St. Anne’s Primary School
Fintona Girls' School